Appalachian Light Gallery D.
Photography by John Fletcher, Jr.
Spring - Summer, 2010         

These images were made with an antique medium
format film camera which was first introduced in
1970.  The model that I recently acquired, a Mamiya
RB67, remained in production until 1990.  New
versions of the same camera are still made today.  

The beauty of  these cameras is that they
produce a
large negative (roughly the size of the image
thumbnails on this page), and they
are fully manual
and fully they do not require batteries.

Once considered the "studio workhorse" for
commercial photographers, these cameras are now
available in the used market at bargain prices.  
Because of the large film size, (4.5 times the size of
35mm film)  it is possible to produce huge prints of
extremely high quality.
Spring - Summer, 2010